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12 de septiembre de 2005

Your power is:

~*~Result nr 2~*~

Your power is: Telekinesis

Explanation: This power of yours means
that you can make material things move, like
for e.g. making the remote control fly over you
just by thinking it. As all powers, this is a
great gift to have. It is also helping you out
since it allows you to be lazy and have things
brought to you without moving a finger. But if
you move over to the immoral side this power
can be used as destroying peoples property or
similar things.
As a person you are easy going and just like to
have a good time. There is nothing wrong with
that, but people may see you as incredibly lazy
and irresponsible. You prefer being out
watching a movie or something than staying home
and doing the math assignment. Your outlook is
fairly positive but you are aware everything
isn't as nice as you'd like it to be. But this
doesn't stop you and even if you can be
sensitive, you get over things pretty quickly.
In school you could be considered as the fun
one among your friends and could get along with
different categories of people fairly easy. You
mean no intentional harm on those around you,
but some people may think you're too happy
and/or stupid.
Negative aspects: Because you don't like
to have things depending on you, this power may
be seen as just something cool you have, and
not as a helping gift. Also you can get too
egotistical at times without bothering to care
for others. That is why it's good to do some
self-reflecting every once in a while to see
that you're not going overboard.

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